Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You start at WHAT time?

Today was the day we'd been waiting for, thinking about, and dreading all at the same time-sign Ty up for school day. I had no idea until today what time he'd go, if he'd eat lunch at school, (a real game-changer possibly,) and if he'd ride the bus or not. See, we loved more than just his teacher at his old school. We loved the slow transition into it. He didn't go until after lunch time and by then the girls were settling down for naps so it was perfect timing. He went to school while they napped, (Charlie still naps a few days a week,) and he came home full of new information that he'd tell us all about. Then we'd play, eat dinner, and go to bed. The mornings were our exploration time. Historically play dates have gone well in the morning. I tried to take the kids out after Ty got home and occasionally it was fine but when he got home from school he was usually pretty spent. This translated into many many many failed attempts at happiness while out and about.

Basically today I hoped for one thing and found out another. And like any other mother in the world I had a pity party for myself and what would change about my day and then focused on my child and how the new schedule will affect him. Am I alone in doing things in that order? I know it should be the opposite but it's usually this way. Honesty is the best policy or whatever.
This is what I learned:

Ty will be at school no later than 7:40 every morning. He will be in school from 7:40-11am every day of the week and he will eat lunch while he's there.

Think about this.

The circus will be up, ready, fed, dressed, prepared, brushed, toileted (should be a word when the topic is children,) driving, and agreeable by 7:20 since it'll take about 10-15 minutes to get there from our house. I asked about the bus and his teacher told me if he rides the bus he will be picked up and AT THE SCHOOL BY 7. I'm not a genius but I think that means we'd be up even earlier. Oh and he'd stay in the gym with all of the kids in the school who are dropped off early until 7:40 which means my slightly sound-sensitive (ha) kid would be in a gym with approximately 300 other preschoolers without much structure. Recipe for total disaster. So the bus option is a NO.

Now I'm no night owl and neither are the kids. The getting up early isn't a big deal on its own. I'm not trying to whine at all-well anyway-but to start the day with the Wilborn circus at 7:20 is pushing it. Y'all, I'm gonna need more meds.

Oh and the eating lunch at school thing has me all in a tizzy. The kid doesn't eat but about six things. We just rotate through those six things every day and let me tell you this-it ain't the kind of things you can send in a lunch box. Ty's most visible symptoms of Aspergers are the sensory aspects of living, (literally his senses-sound is his most sensitive,) which includes being a picky eater. Do they let you drop fries off at real school every day at 10:15? I gotta look into how quickly CPS would call me for that one. Lord help me.

Other than the big day and the new school information that it provided we have been settling in nicely to our new home. I'm typing on my computer instead of my phone which is huge. I've made big plans for painting each room soon and I'm thrilled about that. I can't wait to take before and after pictures for you. I hope to start this weekend!

Tomorrow I'm taking Charlie to her 4 year appointment at the doctor. The only good thing about that is that well there isn't anything good about it. It's the first set of shots she's had in two years so she doesn't remember to be afraid to go to the doctor but after tomorrow I fully expect her to fall apart at the mention of our beloved Dr's name. Sigh. That sentence wore me out.

Loving small town life,


We Three Smiths + 1 said...

I hear ya...I can't get out of here by 8:30 most days and we're up no later than 6 a.m. It'll work itself out and you'll master it all in no time! We can't wait to play again!

Anonymous said...

OH my goodness! That would be a major challenge. For a while now, I've been up at 4:30 or 5 and STILL manage to be late to school at NINE! I totally don't know how that happens except that everything we have to do to get ready has to happen between 7:30 and 8:30... or so it seems.

No doubt, you'll rock it Mary... probably sooner than you think!

Emmy said...

You only have to have TY ready at 7:20 though - the girls and you can be in their pajamas. Does that take some of the fear out? Or will you have to get out of the car to bring him in?