Monday, July 23, 2012

Decorating and down in the dumps

I've been decorating.

Moment of silence.

That's kind of a big statement for me since I don't decorate all that much. I don't know how really. I do seasonal stuff for sure but not like everyday stuff. I'm trying. I think I'm in love with banners like this.

An update of the honest kind is not always happy and this one isn't. Things have been great until today when Ty's anger became the focal point. He's so mad that he doesn't even know what he's mad at. He lashes out and says things that are bitter and raw. He says them to the people closest to him and thankfully that's it. He's not lashing out at school, (at least not now,) but at us. He's mad and he doesn't like feeling abandoned.

Will you pray that he feels safe? I'm taking him to a new trauma counselor tomorrow. Lord knows we fit the bill for drama I mean trauma in this house!

Thanks y'all.


becky said...

hi mary,
i totally "get it". having had a child that is similar, everyday is different...notice i did not say difficult. i had to start looking at my child differently..really become him. when i started looking at things through his eyes...i saw what he saw...RAW hurt. this will pass, and i am glad you are taking him today. but put a song in your heart, my dear..the enemy would like you to believe things are worse than they's just the way he is always trying to discourage us. don't let him win, mary. pick up that lovely face of yours, put a song in your heart...and don't forget YOU are a CHILD of the KING!

Carley said...

I'm so sorry friend! Your text about Ty last night made me tear up and everytime I think about it I get so sad for him...and you...and your parents, etc. Thanks for being honest! You are never far from our prayers! We love you guys like family and hurt with you. You are the perfect momma for Ty and know exactly when he needs you to be right there and to build security for him. Love you!

Lindsey said...

I am praying, Mary. For all of you. Love you friend.

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Oh all are always near to my heart. Definitely praying.