Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Busy bee

Tis the season for dance recitals, programs, tournaments, garage sales and craziness. I'm ready for the lazy days of summer. I can smell the sunscreen and OFF now.

So many pictures I want to show y'all but I got a new phone and forgot to sync it before I switched. I was so sad!

I've been in an anxious mess of a mindset this week and like all of you I've asked God to protect my family. Nothing puts things in perspective the way that loss does. I know the grip that fear can put me in and I pray that it doesn't keep me from fully living each day. I'm guessing lots of people can relate to the push and pull I'm going through. Let's press on and keep our eyes on Him together, shall we?


becky said...

thank you for reminding me to keep my eyes and mind on HIM. i am going through a push and pull, as my parents in their 90s are getting worse daily. so your words meant much to me.

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