Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sometimes I cry over spilled milk

The blur of the last few weeks before summer...

We're there. Recital, last tball game, last time at gymnastics, last day of school for the girls, programs. I've seen a lot.

Know how many times I've remembered my real camera?

One time. The girls' recital. I've got lots of cute pictures from that thankfully. Ty's Kindergarten graduation? I have three videos on my phone and two blurry faraway pictures.

I'm a bad parent. No I'm not. I'm just tired. And it's possible I'm a little bit cranky.

Last night Joy spilled her milk because she grabbed it off the counter before I could put the lid on. I cried. I got onto her for spilling milk after she sat at her brother's program for an hour. And she sat pretty quietly. Ugh. I didn't cry during the program because it was so funny. So so funny. I almost cried when Ty walked up to the microphone and said his name confidently. We've come so far! Then I almost cried watching kid after kid run into their daddy's arms after they were done. Then seeing Ty be so proud of himself that he did his best and handled the noise like noise doesn't bother him.

That's lots of tears to hold in y'all.

I think that's why I lost it over the milk. Tears can only hold back so long. Why do we fight them?

I say let's all just let them flow. Matthew 12:34 says the overflow of the heart the mouth will speak. Last night my heart was overwhelmed with emotion that I kept in and then one tip the wrong direction and I took it all out on my four year-old and her accident. Why? So other parents watching their kids wouldn't see me cry? Um...

Really Mary??????

Ok so from now on I'm just gonna cry if I need to. I apologize in advance.


Love Being A Nonny said...


ThePoeFam said...

I'd love to give you a great big HUG! And, be there to clean up that spilled milk every now and then! Too bad we're not closer!

Missy said...

I've had a bad parenting morning. I lost my temper three times before 6:30 am. Like really lost it. I'm sure I could also write down a list of things that point to, it was bound to happen. Just reading this was like getting a hug today.

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

We all do that, Mary..,then we all feel awful afterwards. It doesn't make you a bad makes you normal. I love you, friend!