Saturday, December 5, 2009

The all-clear and the all-cute

First, the all-clear: we got it yesterday from Joy's surgeon. She sounds/looks great and he said contrary to popular belief, the clamps in her chest will not set off metal detectors! I mean it is gonna be hard enough trying to fly with everybody without the FAA thinking Joy's packing heat somewhere in her diaper.


Oh anyway.

Now for the all-cute:

I love the Christmas music, lights, and matching PJ's.

Yes they are watching a video but how else could I get them to all sit still for a picture?



Mama Em said...

Yea! LOVE the news and the matching jammies.

Carley said...

They look so cute! I went to get charlie from her class to help sean this morning and she ran to the door and said "hi carley". And Ty was adorable on the drum set! Poor Ty just didn't want to leave...I bet he could have sat there all day.

Emmy said...

I just realized that Joy is lying in her favorite position in this picture. Maybe she'll be a gymnast. Ty in the band, Charlie on football team, and Joy in gymnastics.

Love Being a Nonny said...

where did you get the pj's?