Sunday, December 27, 2009

Things heard around my house this Christmas

"Ty, we don't hit people." (me)

"Bye bye baby Jesus. You so funny. Baby Jesus so funny." (Charlie)

"No, I didn't put batteries in it. And I didn't on purpose." (me)

"Charlie, stop hitting your brother." (Sean)

"Does anybody know where the baby is?" (Popeye)

"Just put a sucker in her mouth. Sure, she's plenty old enough." (me)

"I love you, big boy bed." (Ty)

"Night night presents. Night night Christmas. Night night sucker." (Ty)

"Ty, we don't hit baby Joy." (Sean)

"Max, DO NOT throw up." (Sean)

"Charlie, where is the remote?" (Sean)

"Nattie, Popeye, where are you?" (Ty and Charlie)

"Mmmmm.....Emmy." (Charlie)

"Charlie, it's 'Mmmmmm...YUMMY, not Emmy.'" (me)

"Emmy so funny." (Charlie)

"Gogert, (yogurt) Baby Jesus, chips...Okay." (Charlie)

"Sucker, where are you?" (Ty)

" funny." (Charlie)

"Ty, Elmo goes in the potty. Where do you want to go? Want to go in the potty like Elmo?"

"No. No thank you." (Ty)

"Going to the music did it!" (Nattie, Sean, me,)

and finally,

"Sean, I know you're busy with our son throwing a massive fit and all but get in here...she's crawling!!!!" (me)

And so we say goodbye to the Christmas tree and the unwrapped gifts...hello to the new toys and a new year ahead. Goodbye to Nattie, Popeye, and Emmy, who slaved away and entertained the kids and caused major withdrawal issues in Ty and Charlie today. "Nattie, Popeye, Emmy where are you?" was the phrase of the day around here. Followed quickly by, "Go Nattie's house?"

It was magical and wonderful and we were filled with joy. It was so fun I had to go to bed last night at 7:30 I was so tired.

Now that was beautiful. Today when I woke up at 7 I felt like a new woman. Yes that's 11 1/2 hours under my belt and judging by the mounds of baby food I just made I'd say I got a lot done today.

More than any other thing this Christmas I was so very thankful for our health. It was almost a year ago (Jan. 2nd) that we found out Joy would be A) a girl and B) have issues so to see how God worked in this last year was a little bit amazing. A little bit magnificent. A little bit perfect.


Carley said...

Yay Joy for CRAWLING!! She's ahead of Cody but hopefully not for long...he's really trying! That's so exciting!! Thanks again for getting our're the best!

Emmy said...

I'm more excited about Ty poo-poo-ing in the potty than Joy crawling!!

Emmy said...

I would like to add phonetic spellings for some of the kids' words:

"Baby Zhee-Zhus" (Jesus as pronounced by Charlie)
"NOOOOO?? No TANK you" (No, No Thank You by Ty)
"Soo FUH-NAY" (So Funny by Charlie)
"Whe-Wah-Yew?" (Where are you? by Ty)

Heather said...

So funny! And YAY Joy for crawling!!! Sometimes I think I'll really want to have audio on what goes on around here so we can look back on it in say...20 years and laugh laugh laugh!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Wishing you guys a Blessed 2010!! I am so glad to feel like I have made a new friend and met your family over the last year! I've heard myself tell Matt several times "Well, My friend Mary said...well, actually I've never met her, but she is my Blog friend...". Ha!

Love Emmy's translations of the kid's words and yippee for Joy! Those milestones are always a little bittersweet for me!

Sarah Sharp said...

Will says bye to everything he sees when he leaves the room. It cracks me up. And Charlie saying everything 'so funny', now THAT is funny! Yay to Joy for crawling!