Saturday, March 23, 2013

And then Emmy's house burned down

Y'all. Yesterday there was a fire in Emmy and Ethan's condo. It started in the wall of the condo below theirs and spread up to theirs. They were at work. We got the call around 1 pm.

The rest of the day looked like this.

The firemen got everything under control before the whole building caught on fire. Once they let us in the devastation hit. It could've been much much worse.

But it was bad.

For about an hour Emmy couldn't find one of their cats. When she did he was hiding deep in a dresser. Once she had him everyone was relieved.

But it was bad.

They are staying with me for a little while. Their cats too. My kids are thrilled. There are tons of reasons to be thankful. They could've been home. The lady who smelled smoke early on could be been at work. The cats could've never appeared. Lots of blessings.

But it was bad.

Lord, sometimes lately it feels like You're using loss an awful lot in our lives to refine and teach us. Help us cling to You. Help us find You in the bad. There is bad, Lord, no doubt about it. Loss, confusion, heartache, pain, and questions. Lots of questions. But we are trying to trust in Your plans. Don't leave us, Lord. Meet us here, in the middle of the bad. Do Your work in all of us. Help us believe that all things are governed by You, and all things will be redeemed for good one day. Even if it's on Your side of Heaven.


michelle kelly said...! I am so sorry to hear about this!! Can you PM me your address on FB? I'd love to send Emmy and her hubby something. It looks like they lost everything! Stay strong you guys. Man, these days can be tought but you know God loves you and will provide the peace and shelter that surpasses all understanding. Keeping your family in our prayers...
Hugs, Michelle A Kelly (Mo's daughter)

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Gosh Mary...I don't even have any words. We'll all keep praying my sweet friend...even when we don't get the answers we think we should...we'll keep believing and pray even harder. All my love my sweet friend. Text me what y'all might need. I texted you a few times last week and jumped on here to tell you I was about to become a stalker texter if you didn't get back to me...and then I read this. There are no other words than This Sucks! Your family is so STRONG!!! I am in love with your strength and faith!!

Brooke & Freeland said...

I still cant believe this! I wish we were closer so we could provide more tangible help than just prayer.. though I know prayer is probably the best thing & needed thing! Love you guys .. even if its 12329174638726498372 miles away.

John Spessard said...

This is really unfortunate. The good thing is no one was hurt and that the fire was contained by the firemen right away. The lives of people are far more important than any material thing. I sincerely hope that everything is okay now.

John Spessard