Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sock bun tutorial

What it looks like. Not for everybody, and I'll admit I wasn't interested either until about a month ago. But my sister told me about this.

It's a sock bun cheating tool. Watch this.

Good morning crazy hair. Let's talk.

Ponytail. Done. Slide donut (that's what I call it,) over pony tail. Easy.

Make your best Cousin It impersonation. Spread your hair around donut to completely cover it up. Smooth hair over it and distribute your hair evenly.

Slide a ponytail holder over the big mound of hair.

Not looking right yet...

Wrap hair in one direction around the bun and use bobby pins to hide the ends. In my case the leftover hair is still long so I had to use approximately 67 bobby pins. Maybe it was closer to 27.


It took about 3 minutes.

The End.


Emmy said...

I think it's so pretty! I wish my hair were longer... I'd do one. But I have sad little fine hair (like Dad's...) :-(

Julie said...

I love it...bun lady ��

Bonnie said...

So, where do you get a "slide donut"??? Very cute!!!

Stormie Barella said...

You can get different sized hair donuts from!