Thursday, August 21, 2008

Twirl a Little Poop a Little

Yesterday was a sweet day. I had more patience than usual with little things that came up and our morning was busy (always a good thing.) I had a holiday spirit since it was our anniversary and even though Sean was gone on a trip when we talked it was like it was just us against the world. Leslie's house was fun and I got to twirl with my niece--she seems to be in a princess phase and even in my baby food/regurgitated Motrin/slobber covered shirt I felt like a princess too. We met Carley for a walk-n-eat dinner at the mall and then came home to find trash scattered throughout the bathroom...forgot to put Max in his pen before leaving...but you know, it was a great day so didn't even threaten him. At bath time the kids splashed each other and nobody cried and I was about to text Sean to brag a little and tell him that I have succeeded at being a momma and then what to my wandering eyes should appear but a little poop floating around in the tub. Yep, still defeated.

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