Monday, June 1, 2009

Because the Tribute to George Got Me Thinking

Did y'all watch the concert for George Strait? Oh it was so good...Looking back on the memory of...
The days of discomfort and concern for my little girl. Little did I know that the lack of sleep would pale in comparison to the worry for her health. A few days before D-Day (delivery day,)I went to Target with Sean and this is what I got in return for my plea for him to not make fun of me for riding the cart. I really didn't care about anything those last few days I was so uncomfortable. Um and to be honest this wasn't my first time to use it.
Oh and another memory with Carley. When we both started showing we decided to start taking belly pictures together. We set out to take one once a month then weekly near the end. I think we took a total of three the whole time. Way to go us. We were committed to documenting the whole thing then we both got too tired to follow through. Go check out pictures of her little man Cody on her blog. We look forward to being in-laws in the future.

In other news, Jennie found out she is having another boy! David will be such a great big brother...and husband to Charlie. Oh come on y'all do it too with your friends' children. Wouldn't it be nice to just eliminate the drama for your kids??? Ha!


Anonymous said...

Okay... the pic of you in the cart made me laugh out loud! Only because I remember all too well how daunting the doorway of any mega-store can be while sooo prego. The only thing that would make this funnier would be to see Ty and Charlie in the basket in front!

And yes... I heart George!

Michelle said...

I have to say that you on the cart made me laugh, and I really needed to laugh today!