Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why I'm Glad Sean is My Baby Daddy

He genuinely wants to know exactly what we did all day when he is on a trip

He talked about wanting kids from day one so I knew I wouldn't have to talk him into a family

He gets choked up every time we talk about one of the girls growing up and liking a boy

He also talks about guns every time we talk about one of the girls growing up and liking a boy

He takes whichever kid I'm having trouble with to give me a break

He tells me to leave the house for however long I want to while he is home

And never calls me to tell me to come home when I take him up on it

He tells each kid about 10 times a day that he loves them

He tells me even more times than that and he tells me that he's proud of the mother that I am

He never questions my "Mother knows best" moments

He loads all three kids up and goes to the park and I don't even load all three up to go to Sonic

He switches the car seats between cars however many times I ask him to without complaining

He is a ninja swaddler. Sean lingo--Ninja=the best at something.

He takes the sick ones to the doctor and takes the ones who need shots there too

He holds the kids down to get their shots so I don't have to

He got me a new blue tooth headset so I can still talk on the phone even though I only needed a new one because I washed mine in the washer

And he didn't get mad at me for doing so

And maybe this one is actually my third one since I lost one before the washer incident

He is a fantastic daddy and I'm so glad he is who he is and does what he does and is teaching them what he teaches and loves them wholeheartedly

Sean you are the rock of our family. We would all be lost without you. I love you!


Matt, Joy and Ryder said...

I love your Father's Day Posts, Mary! Hope you guys have a good one!!

Emmy said...

Yaayyy, Sean!!! We are so relieved when you come home after every trip - we know that you will take care of EVERYTHING!!