Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Don't you hate it when you find the coolest idea (crafty Christmas decorations in this case) on a blog and vow to remember how you stumbled upon it then spend the next four days trying to find it again?  Find yourself wondering why you didn't take the 2 seconds to add it to your favorites? Good thing I've got some time before Christmas decorating.  I'd describe it and enlist friends to help but my goal is to order it for about half of the people who read this blog (all 6 of you) so I have to just keep looking myself.  Maybe naps will be coordinated today and I'll have some time. Aren't those days just beautiful?  The ones where people in your house sleep at the same time (at least one shared hour,) and you can chop/prepare food for a new recipe or actually fold clean clothes before putting them in drawers...ahhh.  Last night I made crepes. My mom has been making them all along and we usually eat them with whipped cream and strawberries, bananas, caramel, chocolate, pretty much anything sweet. They are so easy to make and like pancakes but fancier :)  I made chorizo and leek crepes last night-great recipe from Robin Miller (Quick Fix Meals) and we all liked them.  Anything that Ty will eat goes into the staple category for the rest of us.  He turns up his nose to many a meal.  God love him, he does not get that from me. 
p.s. Thanks Casey for helping me with the blog.  Layout credit goes to you and soon picture credit will go to Sean who is, as we speak, sending pictures from his super smart picture computer to me.  Happy Day! 

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