Friday, June 13, 2008

Is it morning yet?

Nearly bedtime for master Ty, but I thought I'd give him our staple dinner of fish sticks and green peas since he didn't eat much lunch.  Momma was so proud...someone asked me why spell momma the long way...I don't know I just didn't think about how to spell it and that's what came out!  The same reason I spell Charlie the way that I do.  When I'm not thinking about it that is how I spell Charlie so I figure that's gonna be her name.  I'm sure Charley or Charlee seem more feminine but then I'd find myself standing in line paying to have something monogrammed for her and have to stop and think of how to spell it.  Charlie it is.  And Momma it is too.  

Back to Ty.  I was so proud of him for cleaning his plate, the hungry little man had quite the appetite! I had been putting away dishes from a friends' shower last night while he was eating...paying attention (listening) to him but not really watching. When I cleaned his hands I noticed there was not a spot of grease or pea remnants anywhere except his thumb and pointer finger on his right hand.  Looks like Max had a great dinner.   

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