Friday, June 20, 2008

A Few Questions for You

A few questions for you

* How do cell phones work? What I mean is how do we actually talk to someone without a wire connecting us? For that matter how do phones with wires work?
* Why do flowers wilt when they need water AND when they have too much water?
* Why do we dream about magic carpets and birthing pompoms and donkeys? (when pregnant)
* Where is the original "Blue's Clues" guy now? (Steve)
* Why aren't babies BORN with teeth so the whole family doesn't have to experience teething? (I know what you're thinking...nursing...but there are many women who nurse long after teeth come in! Thought of that)
* Why do dogs get so excited to eat when they eat the same thing every day of their lives? And why do they sneeze when they get excited?  Is that just my dog?
* Why is sand white in Florida and brown in Texas? 
* Why did God create some of the animals He did? Like hippos. Or Koalas. Where do they fit into the whole scheme of things?

I have questions like these every day. I remember when my nephews (now 5) would ask why. About everything. I'd look at Amy, their mom, (Sean's sister,) for ideas for answers.  She was so patient.  She'd try to come up with a real answer...not just make something up.  The kids and I went to Denton to spend the day with Sean's mom and his sister Leslie's kids. Leslie just had their brand new baby sister on Wednesday so Mimi is keeping Sam, (3) and Will (18 months).  Many stories from this one day with cousins...What prompted this whole post is Sam asking questions.  I must have answered 400 questions yesterday.  I've been begging Ty to talk to tell me what he needs/wants.  Now I'm kinda enjoying the quiet.  Not that it's quiet in the house but I don't have to think a whole lot.  Example questions from Sam: What does this do? Where did we get this? Why are grapes round? Why can't I just eat Cakesters for dinner? 

Then there is her brother, Will.  He is three months younger than Ty. Talking non-stop.  He repeats everything, with inflection.  His questions are more like: Where Mommy? Where Daddy? Where Mimi? He says "Uh oh" and then dies laughing.  Every time.  It's really cute. Since we're on the subject of saying things, this is what we're dealing with from Ty.  This is a complete list of his words, not a short or abbreviated version.

Hep (help)
Attie (Nattie--my mom)

Notice "momma" or anything resembling it is not on the list.  Longing for that day...He has said "Daddy" for a long time.  He is crazy about his Daddy.  I love the picture of them at my parents' house on the dock.  It looks like they're having a meaningful conversation.  I think Sean is telling him he can't get into the lake.  Right after that picture was taken there was some protesting.  (Crissy's word for Ty's fits) 

Won't it be amazing to ask God questions and have answers.  Big, meaningful life questions will have immediate, beautiful answers.  He will show us the other side of the needlepoint He's worked on all this time. And we'll get it.  


Jamie said...

I have no answers either. : ) I like that picture of Sean and Ty, too. It's very sweet. I like your counter. Did you get it off of my blog? I went blog shopping the other day and stole a few ideas like the counter and the painting from other people's blogs that I don't even know. It's fun!

Carley said...

you always have the funniest stories. i love reading your blog. good job, my friend! ps. i love that "car" made the list. ha!