Friday, June 27, 2008

Off to a Faraway Land

In observance (not sure if that is the best word for it but while we're at it I'm pretty sure faraway is not a word anyway,) of our good friend Amy's wedding this weekend, the kids are going to a faraway land to stay with their Nattie and Popeye (my mom and dad,) while their momma and daddy enjoy the festivities.  I know what you're thinking..."You're gonna miss the little people when they are gone and want to go get them early." Will I miss them? Yes.  Will I go get them early? Not likely.  I love them but my parents LOVE them and will take good care of them.  An added bonus if Aunt Emmy joins the party--Ty will learn some new words!  So far my parents and sister have taught him almost everything he knows.  It takes a my case a big village. 

P.S. Nattie and Popeye do not live far away or at the beach but this picture captures the thrill of vacation!  


Carley said...

WooHoo! It's P-A-R-T-Y time! :)

Crissy Young said...

I find myself missing the kids when they are gone and am so excited to have them back.........then that first meltdown I am ready to send them back! uggg! Have fun this weekend and enjoy that grown up/childless time!