Thursday, November 20, 2008

Doesn't Get Cuter

My sister-in-law Ana had to have an ovarian cyst removed this week and Nattie and Popeye went to tend to Henry since Ana can't lift him for a while after her surgery. Thankfully Graham could go be with her during the surgery and thankfully she is healing now! Mom sent these pictures of Henry and I could just eat him up.
He loves the broom. Apparently he sweeps the kitchen floor A LOT.
Graham and Ana put this floor in when they bought their house. Isn't it cool looking?
Feeding the fish. I wouldn't attempt this with Ty if someone paid me.
Henry and Popeye getting a kick out of something. I'm guessing Nattie was performing.


Emmy said...

Now, Ty and Charlie are just as cute in their unique ways, but Henry is pretty darn CUTE! I have heard that Henry also fishes inside the giant dog food bag until he retrieves - one morsel at a time - food to hand-feed the dog.

Carley said...

He is cute!Crazy how fast they grow! :)