Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Space Cadet and the Monkey

**Edited to add miss Caroline...thanks Carley!! 
Sean must have read over my shoulder while I was typing yesterday because he finished the pictures and this morning they were on my computer! Here they are: my astronaut (I prefer space cadet--it's more fitting for him,) and my monkey.
The wagon was a great idea for moving them from house to house. Let's be honest they didn't even get out of the wagon--a little young for trick-or-treating. They don't know what they're missing yet so let's leave it that way as long as possible. Ty did eat Skittles for the first time and he loved the lemon ones. Smart kid.
My little bean the monkey. I bought this costume for $4.99 at a resale shop in Frisco and it fit perfectly. 
My space cadet. Is that hilarious or what?! I had already bought him another costume and when we were on a date at Costco (I know, I know we are die-hard romantics,) we saw this and agreed it was better than the one we already had. Returns are a beautiful thing especially when you aren't trying to do them at Target.
The cousins (minus the three oldest,) on the Wilborn side. Samantha the princess (3 yrs), her brother Will the frog (23 months,) Charlie the monkey (11 months,) Caroline the policeman/woman (7 yrs), Baby Kate the princess (4 months,) Cole the Pikachu(sp) (5 yrs), Ty the space cadet (2 yrs,) and Luke the Darth V. (5 yrs.) The three oldest cousins live in Graham, TX and don't usually make the drive for Halloween but we will see them soon for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 


Casey Pettett said...

So cute! :) Love the Halloween pics. Had fun the other day... thanks for visiting me up here in the boonies! AND... I've TAGGED you. Go to my blog and find out what it is. :)

Carley said...

So cute! Those pics turned out great! :)

Jamie said...

What a cute group of kiddos! Fun! Fun!

Heather said...

Too cute! and the pics are great!