Thursday, November 6, 2008

Max In The White House

This many posts in a row...I know it seems a little much but I just had the best idea. I read on (I need counseling,) that the Obama girls are in search for their puppy to take to the White House and they need to look no further. If you know them please send them my best and also send them a picture of my beloved family kid-friendly dog Max. He should fit right into the White House family and is already trained...kind of. He is being given away free of charge. I think I could get away with this one because it's for the new President and his kids. Maybe Sean would go for it?


Heather said...

Best idea ever! Of course, I'd really like to steal your idea and "donate" my own dog for the enjoyment of everyone in the whitehouse!

Crissy said...

Poor Max! He dosen't try to be just happens naturally:)

Brooke & Freeland said...

Thats soo funny!