Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cleaning, Cheering, and Cooking

Ty's Aunt Amy gave him his own Dustbuster. My oh my he is in heaven.
When I come across a little dust or dirt I tell him we need to get the Dustbuster and he takes over. Soon I'll be free of all household chores!
He inspects it often to make sure it's legit. It is. It really works. He loves cleaning and organizing. Neither thing comes from me.
More baseball game pictures. Here he is with Popeye waiting for the game to start.
My nephew Henry and my brother Graham. Graham caught a ball during batting practice and Henry was so proud!
This is my favorite picture of him maybe ever. He was so excited and the game was one of those moments when you can see your kid's brain in overdrive in the best possible way. He was taking it all in, having fun with his family, cheering, and just being himself...(dancing, clapping, eating candy, you know, his TRUE self.)

And finally, the cooking portion of the post: Soon I'm hosting another giveaway and what I'm giving away is so cute and so practical you'll want it for sure. It is cooking related. My clues are:

It comes in multiple sizes
It serves an actual purpose
But it is its own fashion statement.



Lindsey said...


Miss Mommy said...

I do love that picture of Ty- so handsome!!!

I am excited for your give-away- I think Lindsey's guess is really good...just to be different, maybe I'll say...nope, I think it's an apron.

Mary said...

Ha. You ladies are so smart :)

Jennifer said...

I love that your little boy loves to vacuum, too! How sweet! I need to get Brody a little Dustbuster, too!