Friday, June 18, 2010


I'll be saying farewell to Destin early in the morning.

Farewell Crab Trap

Farewell cousins who know how to play gameboy ds's (is that correct?) ps notice the resemblance between those two. Hello Wilborn strong genes.

Farewell outdoor bands

Farewell beach

Farewell feeding cousins Skittles on the beach

Farewell little train in the Commons

Farewell snow cone stand where they also sold HAND OVER YOUR HEART--Bell ice cream.

Farewell crab and the fear of stepping on crabs

Hello Joy

Thanks to Emmy and Ethan and Nattie and Popeye for taking better care of Joy than we do. I'm excited to see her.


Carley said...

Fun pics!

Yay! Excited to have you back!! :)

Miss Mommy said...

Oh my word, y'all are tan! Even if we were still in TX, we don't brown up like that. On the contrary, even the Scots take note of Luke's fair skin (which is identical to mine)- that is not a good sign.

Miss Mommy said...

p.s. Joy is beautiful!!

Lastly, my in-laws are coming to S-land the 29th. Just in case you were thinking about mailing them my earrings. ;) I'm not excited or anything.