Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh the places we will go

Now that summer is officially here in Texas even though Ty still has two weeks of school left, we've made it our mission to be covered in water at least once a day.

Spray parks are open, the pool is open, and our favorite water park (in our town!) is too.

I can't tell you how many different kinds of happy this makes me. Nothing says happiness for me like the smell of chlorine and sunscreen mixed together. Maybe it was all of those years spent poolside eating Cool Ranch Doritos and hamburgers with a side of ice cream cone(s) during my childhood. I tell Sean I need the Vitamin D which is a valid need but it's also about reliving the days when our problem/obstacle was which house we would all spend the night at after the summer league baseball game where our favorite boys played and we daydreamed about actually dating them. I also love being outside laying around in a swimsuit.


Remember when we said that all the time? I still like to pull it out every once in a while to make sure you're awake.

I've got to get ready for the day before the kids wake up so like most posts these days this one will stay short. You're welcome. The only other two points of interest: this morning we are taking Ty to his speech evaluation at the therapy center where he will go weekly, (I think,) for speech help over the summer. The doctor we took him to in January suggested that he go during the summer break since he won't go to summer school. If I could send him I totally would-I dread the morning of the 10th when he figures out that school is over. Y'all say prayers now please :)

Last, thanks for the congratulations to pass on to Emmy. Y'all love her like your own and I am so glad that she has so many friends who communicate with her here. Maybe becoming a Mrs. will inspire her to start blogging? I guarantee that hers would be more interesting and exhibit better grammar and you'd all quit reading my blog. On second thought maybe I won't encourage her to do that.

Smile. Go play in the sun. And wear sunscreen, or ("suhm-scream" as Charlie says.)


Carley said...

Fun! So far this week I have taken Cody back to the splash park behind my house and to the neighborhood pool. He loves it! Where's the water park? Is it different than the splash park? Between the 3 of us we go through a lot of sunscreen. :)

Emmy said...

I will be joining you soon! I'll be wearing my sum-scream, too. By the way, Leah's neighborhood has a wet-n-wild type park that's free for her and guests (on 380, Providence Village). She told me to tell you to come on up - she is off every other Friday.