Monday, July 19, 2010


As I sit and type on the computer my still-healing arm is resting right on the spot where I burned it. That I can keep doing the typing amidst the touching means I'm on the mend. I appreciate any/all of the sympathy and especially enjoy the fact that almost every woman I tell about what happened gives me a, "Oh, yeah, I've totally done that."

That's what it's all about. I mean, really. Togetherness. Relating. Encouraging. Sympathizing.

Or is it all about those things just for me?

I'm boring myself with the phrase, "It's been one of those weeks," but it has. The kids have been great and healthy but other things have been making themselves known as intruders into this wonder we call life. Health stuff, hurt feelings stuff, ugly trying-to-forgive-but-can't-yet stuff, the hard stuff that God tells us will be here. The real meat stuff is hard to press through with a good attitude, isn't it? I'm all for being a good Christian when the ducks are in a row. As we all are.

All I can say to wrap up this last week is that I'm grateful for people who are more spiritually mature than I am who have called me out when I needed it then taught me lovingly how to carry on. There are few things more beautiful than when Christ turns something ugly in us into something beautiful to help other people. That's His business. The ugly stuff. The recreating stuff. The impossible becoming reality.

Oh and yes there is healing taking place on my arm too. It's ugly too I'm not gonna lie.

I might post a picture if you really want to see it.

Or not.

You know how I am.

I almost forgot to tell y'all two very important things.

1. I've discovered the best hair product I've ever tried for wavy/curly hair. I've never loved wearing my hair that way, (the natural way for me,) until yesterday, the first time I tried it.
It's called Noodle Head styling cream/lotion and you can only buy it at Sally's. Best part? $5.99. But it works better than any BedHead stuff I've tried. And those cost a lot more. Pairing it with my new Curls Like Us drying cloths that I won in a giveaway, my hair looks like it's supposed to instead of like my two-year-old daughter styled it. The nurse who wrapped my arm at CareNow had great hair and she told me about the Noodle Head stuff. Oh and it smells like coconut and pineapple. Yum.

2. I can't remember # 2. I'll get back to you.


Poefam said...

Mercy me, girl! Burns are NOOO fun! But, at least it wasn't on your sweet baby's fingers because you left the iron on the floor! :/ That's a memory I'd love to forget!:) Anyway, glad you're on the mend ....And, your kiddos are lucky to have such a strong Christian Momma to help them through these tough "life" times! Hang in there!!!

Julie said...

Blessings on you dearest friend! I'm so sorry about the burn thing!!!

julie mac

Love Being a Nonny said...

How are your burns today?

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Well said Miss Mary. We have all been there.

We were out of town and I am just now catching up on my reading...I'm sorry about your arm! Still have to read further down to see what happened!