Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Here's a view of what I bought yesterday for $44 American dollars.

Oh here's a bigger view

Think that's all I got? Nope.

This is all I got plus another identical pair of jeans. At JCrew I found two pairs of jeans, (exactly the same because that's what was on clearance and I acted fast,) and a t-shirt for $31 and a total of $12.99 at Gap. The plaid shirt was $4.99. Shopping for bargains is my favorite hobby. My mom trained me well. I also found Sean some shorts at Gap but I didn't lay them out to show you because they're men's shorts and no one cares what they look like, least of all my husband who will wear them. Those were $14.99 and he says they're his favorite shorts ever.
I'm training him to appreciate what I find at a bargain price because not only is it something practical but it's kind of like a trophy for his bargain-hunting wife. In the event that someone tells him, "Hey man, cool shorts," he can say, "Dude my wife got a sweet deal on these!"

We all know that's not gonna happen but it's a good thought.

Charlie's little dress/leggings combo-the dress matches both the green and aqua leggings-cost $7.99 all together and she loves it. Someone returned the dress and since it was on the clearance rack, (my slice of heaven,) and it was the only one left they guessed at the price and guessed low. I'm all for low guessing.

So technically I'm bragging about the good deals I found but I'm also going to start sharing tips soon to help you get the most for your money while also getting cute clothes in the process. You know me, I'm your resident over-sharer. In this case it will benefit you. I may start having Q and A sessions with mom here because, well, I learned from the master.

Mom, would you be willing to do that with me? (I haven't asked her yet.)

I'm sure she will be happy to share ideas.

I'm off to go bribe Ty to take a nap since he's currently running laps around his room. When does school start again?

Oh here's a picture of my arm from last night.

See. Almost healed. It ain't pretty I told you that.

Okay bye.


Carley said...

I totally hit up that gap sale too! :) And we did it again....I have that same plaid shirt! At least I think I do from the picture. Too funny and great choices. Charlie will look adorable in that outfit!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

I love me some bargains! Cute stuff! Your arm looks sad...hope it doesn't hurt as bad as it looks!

Miss Mommy said...

Sorry- I was totally behind- didn't know you had massacred your arm. So sad!! I think it all happened so you could learn about the curly hair product.

Anyway. Love all your deals, too. Somehow, I can't imagine "matchstick" fitting my legs, but then you do have lovely ones. ;)