Thursday, June 28, 2012

Life with Ty

Since my focus shifted a few months ago away from talking about Ty here I've gotten a few questions about him. A couple of people have asked what life is like for him, how he's adjusting to life without Sean here and just overall about Aspergers. It's so fun to tell you about my kids, (surprise!) so here you go: a day in the life of Ty:

What else do you need to know?

He doesn't miss a thing. Always on top of what day it is, the plan for the day, and he's always counting down the days until our next fun thing. Example: "Mom, only 9 more days until we go to Colorado!" "Well yeah honey you're right. (he always is, truly, about dates) 9 more days." "Mom today is Thursday what are we doing today?" "Uhhhhh" "You don't know yet do you Mom?" "No honey, I don't." The End.

Sometimes I think God wasn't thinking the day He picked me to be Ty's mother. I mean could we be more opposite? Ha! When Sean died I thought He wasn't paying attention. Giving me Ty to raise with Sean was one thing but me raising Ty without Sean? Lord help me.

But then I look at Ty and am crazy in love and can't believe God was so smart to give him to me. I'd be so off track without him. I'd never have a schedule and it wouldn't bother me or the girl's one bit. We'd never get anything done. Ty is the reason I've learned about visual schedules and setting guidelines. He's this little intense guy wrapped up in a sweet, loving, affectionate baseball-obsessing boy. Oh, and we are back on trash trucks. Help me Jesus.

He's doing well in play therapy, an answer to many prayers. He's communicating what he needs and letting us into his fears. He's had bad dreams lately and I'm not totally sure what it is that's scary in them-some days he says it's monsters, some days it's bears. Some days it's that he's afraid he's going to die and go to Heaven and he's not ready to go to Heaven. He wants his Daddy to come home from there though. He asked me this morning a hard question to answer: "Mom, why can't Daddy come back just for a little while so I can play with him? Just for a little bit Mom, then he can go back." What do you say? I just said, "I know you are sad that he is not here anymore and I'm so sorry he's not here to play with you honey. He loves you so much and he's watching you from Heaven. He's with Jesus and so you can tell him and Jesus that you're sad today and to give you some happy stuff to think about today."

"Mom I'm not sad I just want Daddy to come back. Silly Mommy I didn't say I was sad at all."

There you have it. Ty's very cut and dry. To be truthful sometimes I'm grateful for that part of him. When I am living on emotion it's a nice shift to think about things the way he does.

Sometimes I don't know how he sleeps like this. Yes it's an old picture. I have their Christmas pj's up now. Ha! I took this picture two days before his Daddy died. I wonder if I'll always remember things like that.

Remember that first picture?

That one.

He made it yesterday in the driveway. He said he'd always wanted to make his name out of sticks. Well sure, who hasn't?

His happy place: lined up, organized. See how proud he is?

He shakes life up and keeps me on my toes and knees. I'm so thankful that in His goodness He picked me to be Ty's mother, even if sometimes I still think He wasn't thinking.

Time to start the day. Hope y'all have a good one!


Allison said...

Love you.

Iris said...

Mary, your whole family has had a special place in my heart for so many years and now I'm getting to know your kids through your blog. Thanks for taking the time to let me know them. One of these days I'm gonna come by and meet them.

Love you!

Mary said...

Love you too. Want to come visit this Fall when it's not so hot!

Mary said...

I'd love for you to meet them amd see them in action Iris!