Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mother of the year

One more reason in up for mother of the year: I called to make Joy's 3 year check-up appointment and the lady said, "So this is her 2 year appt?" "No, it's her 3 year." "Hmmm." "Is something wrong?" "Well she hasn't been in for a well-check since she was 15 months old. She's behind on everything, like really behind." "She's my third kid." (laughter) "So she's gonna need shots and eye tests, hearing tests, and maybe other things I'm just not real sure WHAT ALL she needs."


So we went for her 18 month/2 year/3 year visit and she's doing just fine. I took Charlie too since she's had a bad cough lately. So along with Joy's shots and tests I also learned that Charlie has asthma. Cool huh?

I'm a really really good mom. The End.

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