Monday, January 27, 2014

A picture of a picture is worth lots of words

I'm the shortest one. The Joy lookalike. This was my first church. It's the church I wore my red cowboy boots to when Dad was in charge of dressing me. (Mom was in charge for this picture.)

I'm amazed at how young mom and dad were and to us they seemed invincible. I'm amazed at how similar my kids are in age to how old Emmy, Graham, and I are in this picture. Makes me wonder what my kids will be like at my age. Yikes.

Today I ate lunch with them, (Charlie first, then Ty.) I had some bad dreams last night and Satan messed with me a lot this morning. Once I got to the school I kicked autopilot on and waltzed in with Joy trailing behind me. We ate. We laughed. I was on my phone trying to make sense of my anxious morning and hoping to be distracted from my thoughts and in a split second I looked up to see Charlie's face. She was looking right at me and smiling. I wonder how long she'd been watching me. I felt bad for not being fully present with her and told her I had a hard morning and was worried. She threw her little arms around me and said, "That's silly momma I'm right here! There's nothing to be worried about silly."

Shouldn't the roles be reversed?

I've never been more thankful to be her mom. I needed her today, to snap me out of it and get me to reengage. How blessed I am.


Emmy said...

Every day with your kids is a day closer to them being self-sufficient. They are really smart!

Allison Armstrong said...

I love this. I feel the same with mine. God is so good in loving children so much.