Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Busy Week

We've packed quite a bit into the last few days. Here's an update:

We took Charlie to the new pediatric GI doctor Monday and got the "OK" to feed her solids...at 7 months she's hungry!  We started with oatmeal. Yesterday she loved it, today she's tolerating it, and by tomorrow she might be done with it but we learned with Ty that we have to win this battle.  We WILL win this battle.  This new doctor thinks no more tests are necessary but he said that the laxative that she has been on for four months (!) is not a good one to be on, especially for a child.  That's nice since it was another ped. GI doctor that gave it to us. Hmmm...I  thought about calling the old office and leaving a nasty message but I decided that the big picture is well...the big picture and left it alone.  Thankfully she doesn't show nearly as much discomfort as she used to. 

We got motivated: Yesterday we joined the rec center in town and in the last 24 hours Sean and I have both worked out and we have gone swimming twice.  Prior to joining the workout force I had a humbling experience.  Saturday morning after waking up to a dove outside the window, (Sean made a comment about opening weekend in September and how he would "take care of it" if the law permitted,) I went on a walk.  I was feeling particularly footloose and fancy free since the walk didn't involve anyone but me so I walked a little faster than I have in oh, two years.  I didn't run at all--just walked a little fast. Sunday morning I was sore.  The bad kind of sore.  The can't quite walk straight or get up quickly kind that usually follows something rigorous. I just walked.  So...working out now and hoping to post some before and after pictures.  Don't hold your breath.

I found the decorations that I mentioned before and already bought the supplies (notice there are no word clues,) to make Christmas gifts. Perseverance paid off!

Ty figured out how to take the peanut butter out of the Ritz peanut butter sandwich snacks and even took the time to do this at the pool. It is (was) one of the few sources of protein he would eat.

Our electricity has gone off countless times and there are no storms or clear reasons why. Making our fan-dependent child (Ty) wake up a few extra times but thank You, Lord it's not because of a bad storm.  I don't do storms well.

Aaron Brothers had a great sale on frames--buy one get one for a penny--it even applies to the clearance frames!  Since we've had a picture from our wedding signed by guests sitting in our closet for nearly three years I broke down and framed it.  Already.  

Today the cable guys come to switch us to a different company. The phone works in fifteen minute intervals throughout the day, which means the Internet also works in fifteen minute intervals.  During the heat of the day it never works so we have, at times, felt like we lived in the sticks instead of an actual city.  We dream of living in the country but our dream includes fast Internet and certainly a functional phone.  It'll be a happy day around here!  

Whew.  Cable guy needs me to get off the Internet.  Bye Bye.  Or as Ty says, "Ah bye."



Crissy Young said...

I am so glad little Charlie can finally eat 'real people' food....I was getting worried about her...poor thing is just skin and bones. Maybe some food will help her put some meat on her bones!
My thighs look just like hers but no one is coming up and pinching them and telling me how cute they are.

Mary...I will also stop when she can understand what we are saying. :)

Carley said...

ha! i love crissy's comment. her rolls are just too cute for words! sounds like you are having a great week and enjoying having sean home for a while. :) i'll miss you guys while we are gone but will catch up on Sunday 13th! :)