Monday, July 28, 2008

The Glory Days

**written yesterday but the old computer wouldn't engage**
Just got a snow cone here in the bustling metropolis of Waxahachie. I used to be a frequent flier at the old stand and it hasn't changed at all--maybe one new coat of paint. Since I have had blood sugar issues my whole life that were aggravated during pregnancy I have to stick to the sugar free flavors now. There are three. Not exactly the go-to snack if you have a specific craving. Worth the $2.00 for the ice alone though.

Since it was/is still 103 today I'm not the only one who thought of the snow cone idea. Two girls in line with me were talking bad about one of their fellow cheerleaders that got in trouble last weekend. "A little drinking problem," they said. Like they were truly sympathetic. They compared notes (guess they had not seen eachother or talked since the big bust,) so the main topic they covered was whether or not her football star boyfriend would break up with her and ask one of them out. Again, the sympathy was palpable. Ah the glory days of high school. The sad thing is that not much has changed. The girls still want to be prettier, better, and smarter than their competition. Still wanting the star football player to notice them. Still longing to be homecoming queen. Still wondering if life will REALLY go on without them after graduation.

And it does. (Didn't feel compelled to tell them that today, not that they asked,) but I did tell them in my best sooooo not a boring mom of 2 lingo that it gets much much better after graduation. Do you agree? Were your days in high school the glory days or did everything from that point on make you feel less self-conscious and more free?

I ran into my old high school cheerleading coach at Target (see, I told you,) and told her about the conversation I overheard. She said she remembers the drama within my group. I'd rather forget.

Contrary to popular opinion, I find the female teenaged brain fascinating for two reasons: I am done with that phase and I do not yet have a female teenager of my own. High school ministry here we come!
**Added today: Charlie now has fever and is not interested in eating. Stay tuned**


Crissy Young said...

O I hope little Charlie stays well. You will all need a vacation after all this mess is over! Nothing worse then sickness that lasts weeks....I'm so sorry!

Carley said...

oh no, poor charlie. i'm glad sean is staying home...

you will be PERFECT for the high school girls! so glad you guys are moving times ahead. hee hee!