Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Old Stompin' Ground

Trying for the shortest version of the recap. Ty got blisters on his lips so I looked in his mouth. Blisters everywhere--took him to after hours Dr. and he has hands, feet, and mouth virus too. Am I the last person to learn about this horrible virus? Horrible. Fever dropped, he started drinking again, and took snippets of sleep. Mom and Dad helped me and I am in search of a really big thank-you gift. Maybe a boat. Yesterday his Daddy got home. I cried. Such relief to know that I could let him take over. He's a great daddy. I came to my parents' house with Charlie so she (hopefully) doesn't catch the stuff. Thankfully Charlie is probably the easiest baby I've ever known so we all slept hard and partially recovered. It's hard to be away from Ty when he is sick but I know how he's doing play by play. Texting is great! He is steadily improving. Whew.

Being back in my old house with "Chuck" as she is often referred if her already nickname name isn't really peaceful. Everything is slow here. It took about 30 minutes to download all of the info on my blog so I could sign in. It is quiet and dog-free :) Lots of smiles behind that one for sure. I've gone through my old closet and found sweaters I thought I had lost. I finished a scarf that I started about a month ago. I knit two rows at a time at home. When Charlie wakes up from her nap I'm going into town to Target. Big excitement. No really. It's the place to be here--never know who you are gonna run into. Soon I'll post something totally unrelated to sickness or tears.


Carley said...

hey friend! sorry you have had a rough few days and sorry i have been out of town and unable to help...or at least bring you cupcakes. :) i am glad you are at your parents getting R&R. all i did for the past 3 days was lay by the lake with college girlfriends. very nice. got your message. too funny...proud of you though. :)

Casey Pettett said...

hey there. i love your posts. i'm assuming mine will be quite similar in... oh, i don't know... 4 months or so. :) sorry you've had a rough time. i don't know what it's like yet to have those tough parenting moments, but i'm sure it's not the most fun thing ever. i'm wondering if, when you get to blog about it at the end of the day, it lightens the load a bit?? anyway, i hope to see you soon. i'll email you now, actually... c.