Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bringing it on and whatnot

These are my long lost older children.

Actually they are my long-ago small, now growing-so-big nieces and nephews with my firstborn right there in the middle. He was a little over a year old and couldn't have cared less about Halloween. We wrangled him up/down and put a lion costume on him anyway. I can't find a picture to show you but trust me it's adorable. At least we think so. No it's really adorable. I'm sure of it.

Thanks for the well-wishes and advice so far on the potty training. Keep the comments coming if you've got advice to share! It'll be lots of fun and a little bit nauseatingly horrible, if that's a possible scenario.

I'll surely tell you all about it. You're welcome.

The air is changing around here and pumpkins are out. I've started working out consistently (gasp), and I'm not ashamed to admit part of my go-to workout plan involves Tae Bo videos that I've had since college. Go ahead and laugh ladies but I lost 20 pounds in college when I did them consistently...well and I also cut what I ate in half around the same time...come to think of it maybe I should do that now too...anyway, my devotion to Tae Bo is so great that I'm not too timid to tell you about it. The man may be cheesy but I have to have someone yelling at me to get a workout done.

It takes me back to high school I guess. I can remember the first few practices, (of any sport-mine was tennis,) where you've been sitting on your rump all summer then suddenly you're supposed to snap back into shape. You'd give your right arm to just have a snow cone there during your workout because that's been getting you through the summer without melting. You, not the snow cone. Those still melt well into November around here.


You're running drills and are sweating a non-girly amount and your coach is standing over you yelling to finish whatever it is you have to do and you just want to punch him and go home. But you keep at it because when you're 16 you don't really have a choice but to listen to your coach if you want to play at all, right? Or you're truly interested in getting better at your sport. Whatever motivates you. I was definitely more of the "If I don't do it I won't get to play" type. No internal motivation here.

So I've been walking/running and doing my videos when I can't leave the house. While walking I'm listening to music and pretending there's someone behind me telling me to speed up. When I do the videos I have Billy telling me what to do. No internal motivation needed! I'm not seeing a difference yet but I know I will. My winter wardrobe will thank me.

On to more exciting things...

Jennie is getting very close to having David's little brother soon and we're so excited to meet him!

I've managed to complete my BSF lessons on time and last week since Sean was home to help me I actually showed up on time too. Thank you for the prayers/encouragement!

Joy has her first cold, (don't know how she caught that since Sean's had one for about a month AND we take her's a mystery really,) and has done okay with it. Not great but much better than master Ty does when he's got one. We took little miss to the Dr yesterday because she had a fever and runny nose and since I lean toward the hypochondriac side of life I thought she had swine flu, (of course I did,) but no sir she's just got a good old cold.

We are eating new meals so my desire to cook more hasn't gone away. Thanks to Carley, we have a new favorite salsa recipe. Sean asks me to make more about every three days once he's finished the old batch.

We've established what the kids will be for Halloween: Diego, Dora, and Boots. I'm no expert but I think they'll be the cutest little threesome ever. Ty's costume consists of real clothes plus a vest I found on Ebay. Charlie's is complete with a wig that I'm really hoping she'll wear and Joy's is a full costume that she's borrowing from her cousin who was Boots a few years ago. It'll be a great thing if they actually wear their costumes. We will, as usual, hope for the best.

and finally, I'm hosting a giveaway here soon so if you're planning a cruise or a trip somewhere exotic better make sure you can get on the internet won't want to miss it!

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