Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You ready for the answer?

Welcome to the cooler weather, where candy corn is found in little nooks and crannies around the house. They serve a very specific purpose around here: bribery. So combining those,
with a watch set to the atomic clock so that we don't miss an important appointment...
and also throwing in some germ-fighting soap...now do you know what we're doing? So there's the candy corn, the watch, some antibacterial soap...

Any last guesses?

Okay here's your last hint. If you don't get it after this y'all aren't as smart as I thought.
If you guessed potty training Ty, you'd be right! Well, actually, you'd be wrong.

You see, because we thrive on impossible tasks around here, we're also potty training Charlie. At the same time.

Prayers and donations welcome.

Thanks for playing along and do share any potty training tips if you have them! We are starting on Monday so I have time to read through and apply your tricks. Keep 'em coming!


Michelle said...

No tricks here, just prayers! My son "can't want that anymore." That meaning the potty. But, I will probably check back frequently for any tricks you get!

Anonymous said...

Ty AND Charlie... Wow Mary! I decided I was going to train Trevor...which lasted a total of ONE day. I'm thinking we're not quite ready... maybe I'll wait and train he and Tatum together too!

I wish I had some tips, but I am truly clueless! Can't wait to hear about your endeavor!

Julie said...

I'm kind of speechless. Two at one time...I'm thinkin' this is like the BSF thing. I don't know if I should laugh or cry. More power to ya!

Carley said...

WooHoo!! :) You can buy a new wardrobe with the money you'll save in diapers!

Mama Em said...

That is quite ambitious!

PT went quite a bit better than I expected with R. M&Ms were our bribe- we used a musical potty, where when something hit the basin, music started- which R LOVED! We did have to keep her from dumping water in it just to hear it. :) We also did the naked thing- lots of outside and feeling what it feels like, etc. R is a pleaser and hates "wetness" so it was fine. Pooping took a little longer.

My actual advice- be gracious towards them and yourself. Training is always hard, regardless of the subject- so give yourself (and esp Charlie) some slack when you need to. Advise #2- have 2 potties! We have lived with ONE toilet for the past year and inevitably the urges come at the same time for 2 of us- your 2 will probably need to sit at the same time at some point....or Charlie will want to do what Ty is doing, etc.