Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So this is me teasing you...but in a nice way

While knee deep in the throes of potty training, I want to give y'all in the outside world something to get excited about! I recently learned about a great company and you know how I am about oversharing...I'll try to keep it to a minimum.

In this case, it'll actually benefit you to hear me out. You know how we're always looking for a one-stop-shop now that there are little people involved? A place to find all that you're looking for without actually going into a store wrangling 1 + toddlers? Well get your pencils out. I've found a store for you!

CSNBaby has my vote for new favorite website. Where can one person find everything from great sought-after toys to stylish diaper bags to crib bedding? If you're in the market for any of the above, head on over! Look around and see if you can guess what I'll be giving away in a few days. The company has more products than I can count so good luck figuring it out. Until we meet again, happy browsing!

Oh and an update on things here in the throes...yes it's a real word I double-checked.

Ty is doing great! He had 0 accidents yesterday and only one today...when his Daddy took him on a long walk around the neighborhood ??????????????? Anyway, he is so proud of himself and responds very well to the candy being thrown at him to "go" on the potty.

Charlie. Well, she's just trying so hard. Making little progress. She may be too young to get it so if today there's not any breakthrough then we may punt on getting her potty trained too. We don't want to traumatize her and this morning she resorted to sucking her thumb a whole lot (not normal,) so we are easing up a little and just watching her. It would be fantastic to get them both out of diapers but I'm hoping we are also being sensitive enough to "get it" ourselves...that she might not be ready.

Either way, it looks like Ty is soon going to be a full-time diaperless little boy. Diaperless is not a word.

Feel free to use "throes," but not "diaperless." You might get a dirty look from an English teacher.

Shoot you might get a dirty look using "throes" too.


Come back soon to join the giveaway party!


Emmy said...

Yaaaay, Ty! He will be so happy without diapers. I am so proud of him.

Sarah Sharp said...

I am impressed you are doing 2 at once! Charlie is still pretty young but plenty of kids her age have successfully done it. Yay for Ty!!!