Thursday, September 10, 2009


It's been kind of a full day. Ty went to school and Sean took him so he could experience the drop-off sadness. Except there was none. Apparently Ty just waltzed right into class. I'm so relieved even though I'm just a tad jealous that he didn't give Daddy any drama.

We found out the results of Joy's CT scan and in the words of the nurse, there is still "a little something" in her left lung. We were hoping for an all-clear result but knew there was a possibility of something there so I'm choosing to focus on the positives. There are many!

Joy is alive.

She came out breathing completely on her own and functioned as a healthy newborn.

She has been a reminder of God's faithfulness to many people.

She has opened doors to share our faith in circles we would have never been in without her issues.

She has brought me true joy in my role as a momma.

She has given Charlie something to do. Charlie always looks after her "Bay."

Joy has grown well, hitting milestones on time which neither her brother nor her sister did. Ex: rolling over. Now I don't always look at it as a positive but it is a milestone!

We have grown as a couple as a result of the uncertainty that surrounded Joy's prognosis. I never doubted Sean's devotion and stability but both became sanity-savers for me.

We have a surgeon ready to talk through options and when faced with decisions we have full confidence that he will choose conservatively. He told us months ago that he will give her as much time as possible to grow and hope the cysts/tumor will go away before operating.

We live in a city where there are multiple hospitals equipped to handle whatever issues our family can come up with.

Our God heals and continues to perform miracles just like Joy every day. He is alive and well!

My greatest joy stems from knowing that He is fully aware of where we are and what's really going on. There is no point in lying or keeping stuff from Him. On days when we feel strong He rejoices with us and on days when fear and anxiety overwhelm us He sits right there and holds our hands. Like the song that has been played many times since Joy's story started to unfold, MY GOD IS MIGHTY TO SAVE!


Heather said...

I couldn't help but think of you and your Joy during M2M today. The bit about having true Joy that comes from knowing who God is, and what He can do, and what He has already done for us... even when things are hard and we can't quite wrap our brains around them.

Praying for your family, and for Joy, in every sense of the word!

ps. When I went to pick up Trevor, I said "can you say 'bye-bye' to all your friends?"

To which he responds: "Bye Charlie"
I'd say he's smitten.

Carley said...

Very sweet post! I, too, thought of your Joy everytime I heard the speaker talk about Joy.

I love all your positives! Joy is such a blessing to everyone! And her momma is a HUGE blessing to me!

Michelle said...

What a way to think! You guys continue to be in our prayers. Keep us posted.

Matt, Joy and Ryder said...

We're praying for all of have an amazing outlook and faith and I am know that He will keep her safe.