Saturday, December 27, 2008

And Then The Cleaners Lost My Coat

Woke up this morning to a house full of my little family members...remembered my original nuclear family was gone and then glanced around at the deterioration of Christmas boxes. If you needed me between the hours of midnight and 4 a.m. I would have been shuttling meds, bottles, and negative thoughts between bed and Charlie's room. Little bean was not having the sleep last night, and while I immediately thought it was an illness of some kind, (always,) she seems totally fine today. one point I was half asleep in the rocking chair holding her and she jerked her head back--I braced myself for vomit--and she smiled at me and laughed. That was the last time she saw me. I knew then that she had likely figured out how loud she had to get to make me come to her room to play. Sean got them up and took care of them until I rolled out of bed mumbling, "I'll take whatever Ty dishes out today but I need a break from HER."

Yesterday after an outing Sean told me that when he went to the dry cleaners to pick up my coat they didn't have it. Like they didn't know where it was or if in fact they had ever had it. See, the dry cleaners I USED TO GO TO before yesterday doesn't give you a receipt when you drop things off. Yeah that's good business. Pretty much what it would be like if I owned a business. You would never know what you were gonna get...or not get in this case. In between visits to Charlie's room I planned my speech and decided to go down there today. When I walked in and asked to pick up my coat they said it was not there and I got through a little bit of my speech, brilliant after much mulling over during the night I'm sure, the manager sent three people to the back to look for it. Long boring story short it showed up. They had it under the wrong name, which has happened maybe 4 times since I started going there. Long boring story longer I told them there was no need to correct my name in the system. DELETE would do just fine.

We had a great relaxing Christmas. I love that my family is flexible and will join the "sleep is king" case for my kids. Gonna write thank you notes later today and man is Ty loving his new toys. There is a stack of thank-you's...

Ty is now up. Charlie is now going down again. After the 80 degree weather we've had the last few days a nice cold front moved in earlier and it's time to go enjoy it. 

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Mama Em said...

Can I tell you I am ready to strangle my 8-month-old, too....I would even take a giggle in the middle of the night, I THINK, over the constant FUSSING from the past 3's not like I totally changed everything they knew by dragging them across many time zones...oh yeah...I guess I did do that.