Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It's COLD outside. Something like 35 right now I think. And there is a fire burning in the living room because there is a husband on his vacation from work. Can you tell how content I am?

We went to Denton today (Wednesday tradition,) and finished up Christmas shopping. While at a cutesy little kid clothes place buying a gift card for my niece, I hit the jackpot: a pair of the "squeaky" shoes for Charlie for $14. No, she's not walking so you didn't miss the announcement. I'm gonna show her the shoes tomorrow and maybe they'll motivate her.

I felt the baby Sunday morning for the first time and then again this morning. Feeling weepy and thankful for the blessings God has given me...since it'll be back in the 70's by the weekend, I'm gonna go soak up the fire. And to all a good night :)

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Heather said...

It's great to hear you're feeling great! And I'm glad to know little peanut is making his/her presence known! There's nothing like it! (As if you don't already know that!)