Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not What It Looks Like

I know it appears that I got hungry enough to polish off the mac n cheese that was in this tupperware bowl. Y'all know how I love talking about food and I love eating it even more. This time, it wasn't me.
It was not Ty, Charlie, or Sean either. You know who that leaves. 
I've threatened lately that I'm going to send Max in a cab to live with someone else...he doesn't even warrant a car ride sometimes. I'm working on my anger issues. ALL of them are triggered by the beast himself. Wanna know the only funny part of this? If you think this in itself was funny don't tell me when you see me--anyway the funny part is that the dog managed to get his paws onto the counter and eat 1/2 the box of prepared macaroni without knocking the bowl off the counter. He had to have worked hard to balance his big self up there long enough to polish off Ty's lunch. 


The Seymore's said...

Mary K, Mary often I have wondered about you over the past decade!!! I'm so glad that you found me on here. I loved catching up through your blog & seeing the beautiful pictures of your sweet babies! Congratulations on your upcoming! I would LOVE the opportunity to catch up soon...maybe when you are here in town for a weekend??

Carley said...

Don't let Max eat our dinner....

hee hee...see you in a little bit!