Friday, December 12, 2008

Trust Me

Last night we had our staff/volunteer Christmas party at Carley's house. We are on the volunteer side of working with the High School students at church and we always have a fun party to celebrate our continued success keeping kids in line :) We had one of the girls from the youth group stay at our house with the kids so we could both go and stay the whole time (it was like a date night!) and Sean took another Mary/Carley belly pic that I just looked at, hoping to post it for all three of you to see our progress.

Trust me, it wasn't good. My husband is also a photographer--am I lucky or what--and without even showing Carley I'm not putting those up for the blog world to see. Let's just say it has something to do with black shirts and not so black undergarments. On both of us. I'm glad I'm not famous and hounded by me a little sympathy for those million dollar actresses. 

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Carley said...

That's hilarious! :) We'll try again...