Thursday, May 28, 2009

18 Months

Charlie in her happy place...almost. She gets in and out of the swing 35 times every time we go where a swing is. This is a normal outfit for her while Daddy is in charge. 

Man did this girl love this toy. Since she didn't crawl or walk for a long time she got some serious mileage out of the jumperoo. She would get going really fast and giggle until she choked. The highlight of her life was when Ty would drop by to push the buttons for her. 
At the Turkey Trot right after her 1st Birthday. Aunt Emmy could cancel any workout regimen she has because of how much she lifts Charlie when we are all together. Do you like how I just left her PJ's on and put her t-shirt over them? It was COLD. 

Charlie has grown up so much in the last few months it seems like she's older than she is...but she's still a baby. She doesn't want help walking and will pull pretty hard to make you let go of her hand. She doesn't need much to entertain her and would be happy to have a few sticks and maybe something to stick them in. See.

One of the moments when she couldn't care less what her brother is/was doing. Those are rare.
Because, well, he does.
Charlie was just a few hours old in this picture. In the hospital she cried once that I remember. I heard she didn't even cry in the nursery. She slept most of her life away for the first few months and we were grateful for her and her demeanor. And we still are.
Oh Hi mom! I didn't know you were there. These were the days before the hair took over.
This seems to be her picture face. I love this picture of her because her eyes look so blue--they are blue but my goodness she'd be like a baby eye model if they were really this blue. Do they have baby eye models? No I don't think so.
My little monkey before her monkey days. 
She poses for her Daddy now when he holds up his camera. What a gem!
She sat and watched her brother play at the park for many months until she was finally ready to join in. Now it's harder to get her to leave than him when it's time to go home and she puts up a good fight. Soon after breakfast she finds her shoes and holds onto the doorknob. We have never (okay rarely,) taken them right outside without first going upstairs so we can get dressed. She keeps trying though. Persistent little thing.

As of today she says: Bye bye, Daddy, Momma, Outside, Yeah, Down, Done, and Hi. She says a whole lot of other things but we have no idea what the actual words are :) 

My Charlotte Mae is as good as they come and I can hardly believe how fast she has grown. I'm so glad God knew better than I did what I needed when He sent her to me. I thought He was crazy there for a while...


Anonymous said...

I love this post... I fully understand the part about "God knew better than I did what I needed when He sent her to me"... so so true. Is Charlie 18 months today? Trevor was 19 months on Tuesday... so I guess they're almost exactly a month apart!? We found the pool at Target... It's different than other pools in that it "inflates" with water... so be fore-warned, your yard will get a good watering.

Emily said...

What a sweet post. She is a doll. Is her name Charlotte Mae? I LOVE it! Can you believe she's a big sister?

Matt, Joy and Ryder said...

Well You, Heather and I were boom, boom, boom in 2007. Ryder was 20 months old on the 25th! She is so precious!!!

Mama Em said...

She sounds just delightful. It has been fun to see all her changes. ;)

Michelle said...

What a cutie!