Friday, May 22, 2009

This is it!

Okay y'all this is it for a while. Those of you who have been annoyed with me for changing my blog every day, this is my favorite. Until one of you talented gals (Heather, Joy) makes over my blog for me, we're sticking with it.

On a totally unrelated note, I just went out to find a few things for this in-between time (clothes,) because Sean gave me $ for Mother's Day just for that. A recommendation for you: don't try on clothes two weeks after you have a baby no matter how you delivered. It just doesn't make you feel great about how things are settling...or not settling in this case. And for those of you who commented on my post about the pretty dress, they are already out of any size that could possibly work for me. That pretty dress flew off the racks! Apparently I do have good taste after all.

Finally, baby Joy had her two week appt this morning and we got all good news! She now weighs 9 pounds and has grown over an inch -she's almost 23 inches long. Her lungs sound perfect and she is doing so well sleeping for me (us) we couldn't be happier. Who'd have thought things would level off this much in our house? Stay tuned...I'm sure something will fall apart soon!


Matt, Joy and Ryder said... Heather is a much better Blog Designer than myself, but send me a message through facebook ( I hate just putting my email on a comment..afraid spammers are out there just looking for addresses, LOL!) with what you like for a header...I can do something similar to mine, but I have no idea how Heather did her most recent header! She is amazing! I like the background...really cute!!!

Jenny, Jon and Lucas said...

You're page is too cute. I love the $ as a gift...that way there is nothing to return (if it's clothes) that didn't work. Also, I don't even suggest trying on clothes 5 months after having a least not for me!! :)

Anonymous said...

So... Joy beat me to the punch, but I'd be happy to do a header for you. The way I do mine is to purchase "elements" from sites where scrapblogs,etc get their artwork, and then use them in photoshop. It's really no different that cutting and gluing once you figure out photoshop. The latest ones I've done, I've created the backgrounds too, so it's easy to make them match. If you use an already existing background, it's harder to find "elements" that go with it. I really like your current background! Let me know if I can help in any way!