Saturday, May 23, 2009

Apparently You CAN Buy Happiness

As my mom said, "We got our 99 cents worth out of it just with these two pictures."

Big Lots decorations to the entertainment rescue once again. We drove down to Waxahachie yesterday to see my family for the day. My brother, sister-in-law and nephew came into town and we all played for a few hours. By played I mean we all talked and watched the kids study each other and fight over toys. The sharing award goes to Ty I have to say...he really liked his cousin Henry this trip!! He shared with Henry so much better than he does Charlie. Why is that? It's like they know even at a young age that they have to live with their siblings but can leave their cousins so why not have fun with them while you can. 

Sean has been helping me at night with Joy, (along with my mom the nights she is here,) so I told him that today he needed to go see the new Terminator movie since he's been wanting to go for like 6 months since we saw the first trailer. He didn't argue. My first afternoon with three kids--granted it will be nap time, (Sean is a smart man) but I'm ready! Happy weekend!

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