Monday, May 11, 2009

What's My Name?

You've heard me say life with a new baby is like a fog. I'm sure it's no different for any new parent-this stuff is a crazy mix of elation, exhaustion, aches, pains, and wonderment that this is really YOUR child. For my family, add in a little drama and there you have the last few days! Oh I forget...all families have that too.

Both big kids (ha!) are still sick. Their Daddy is taking care of them-how thankful am I that he can do that without a single instruction from me?? We joke that he would be a better stay-at-home parent than I am because he can do everything AND clean :)

I'm at Nattie and Popeye's house, with a living room setup complete with bed and remote control. I grew up in this house and as much as I miss my family and feel like I'm missing the kids more by the second, this is a nice place to be with my little (back to 8 lbs.) girl.

To update you pregnant or new moms, actually any woman who has given birth, everything hurts almost to the unbearable point. I mentioned that I found out after the surgery was over that I basically had two separate surguries and I thought the tubal was like salt and peppering a meal. Ahem...not the case. An extra day in the hospital was a good decision as well as no pain meds to spare myself nausea. I'm taking Motrin so I'm not totally crazy! Nursing really hurts in the beginning and I barely recognize who I see in the mirror but I'm hopeful that within a week or two things will settle down in the production department and clothes will fit again. No I'm not talking about normal clothes...just normal nursing undergarments.

Joy is doing so well sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating, you know, living the newborn life. She is patient with her momma who averages 45 seconds to sit up in bed to pick her up. I'm trying to sit up that whole time, looking much like a turtle trapped on my back I imagine. Somebody should capture it on film but my parents are my only roommates and they don't think it's as funny as I do. Thank God for them.

Looks like it's time to eat again for the little miss. Thanks for walking this journey with us and rejoicing in the miracle God has given us over the last few weeks. Your prayers meant so much during the scary months and now you're part of her story. And mine.

Love, Mary


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're able to receive the comforts of home right now, even though you aren't at your home. This hard part will not last will be yourself again soon! Hang in there momma...we're still praying for you!

Michelle said...

I will continue to pray for you guys! This part is oh so hard, and I can't imagine what it feels like after surgery. I would love to bring you all a meal when you get home. Soak up all the help you are getting from your parents. It is always good to be "home."

Anonymous said...

ps. I found that super cute swimsuit Charlie has in Tatum's size. It was on so cute. I should let you borrow it at some point so you can get pics of Joy and Charlie in matchy match swimsuits. Sisters- what fun!

Matt, Joy and Ryder said...

Well its been 4 days since this post...and I am hoping you are starting to feel a little better! I am playing catch up on Blog Reading. Hang in there!! Matt used to tell will only get easier...which is true for the most part! Our prayers are still with you!