Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mommy just told me I'm about to have a little sister

I know, I know, it looks cruel. But a little bit funny too, don't you think? She was crying because Sean was trying to take her picture and she had decided it was time for him to pick her up instead. He was saying, "Wait just a second...Daddy will pick you up...wait a second..." and this is the face he got. Do you think we're in for a little drama in the next few days? I think so too.

On Friday I made my last Walmart run and did what you're not supposed to do: go to the store hungry. Not only did I stock up on lots of snack stuff--for the kids, mostly anyway--I managed to get a full meal on the way home. Two popsicles, a banana, almonds, vanilla wafers and a Diet Dr. Pepper. Don't lie--you've done it before!

You haven't?

Oh. Well it was fairly well-balanced compared to what I eat the first few months of pregnancy.

I have my last sonogram in the morning at the perinatal specialist. While at the hospital I also have to go do blood work for Wednesday and turn all of my papers in. My guess is that I'll be gone all morning then tomorrow afternoon Sean's sister Amy and her family are coming over to entertain us. Technically I invited to entertain them but now she's bringing everything and the kids will, no doubt, be entertained by their older cousins. Tuesday will be a blur I'm sure--I'm hoping time will fly as it usually does--and we take the kids to Mimi and Pops house Tuesday night to stay for a few days. I check in at 5:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, (can I really be talking about THIS WEEK?) and surgery is supposed to start at 7:30. My OB gets back from Europe just in time to deliver her and as much as I've tried to talk the other doctors in his practice into taking her out the last few weeks I'm so glad it will be him. Here's hoping he won't have jet lag...

I'll have people updating here so all of you prayer warriors know what is happening. We are still overwhelmed when people tell us they have prayed for Joy this whole time. What a gift you are giving us! We are hopeful and calm. Granted it is still a few days out :)


Emily said...

Oh Charlie--what a face! Will pray for you as you prepare for Joy. Will be praying for sweet Joy as she arrives, praying for those docs and nurses as they care for her. Can't wait to check in on Wed. and see what's happening!

Heather said...

Your post title and Charlie's pic made me laugh out loud!

We'll be praying for you guys...for a healthy momma, a healthy baby Joy, a strong daddy and contented big sibs...for peace and calm in the days ahead. You have been so strong through this's truly an inspiration to see God work through you!

Michelle said...

I love that picture! We will continue praying for you guys and can't wait to hear the update on Wednesday.

Carley said...

That's a hilarious pic of Charlie....sweet Charlie. :) Woohoo 2 days left. We can't wait to come meet joy on Wednesday...and see you too, of course! but, if it's like the other 2 times we visited after you had your babies, you'll be sound asleep and we'll hold Joy and talk to Sean or your mom. ha! Love you friend!

Jenny, Jon and Lucas said...

Oh that's precious! I will have you in mind and prayer during the next few days. I am already in awe of the wonderful work the Lord has done in Joy to get her this far along. What an amazing thing to possibly not have to have the surgery until 6mo's??!! I know you can't wait to meet her and we can't wait to see pictures of your new arrival!