Monday, July 20, 2009

Big News and Big Holes

Hey y'all guess what! This one has made it three nights in a row on her own! I did perform the pacifier assist, (as did Mom when she helped me) but no feedings and that means she's graduated from baby to big girl in my book. Gonna get her a fancy name tag and tell her to wear it with pride :) Big Girls sleep all night and have very happy mommas.
Nattie and Joy taking in the sights at Cath's house, where we invited ourselves to go for a swim. Cathy is one of Mom's oldest friends and her daughter Maggie is one of my oldest friends. Maggie and I used to play when we were Joy's age. See the bottle in the background? When my Dr. told me to switch to Dr. Brown's bottles I had no idea the difference they'd make. If your baby is gassy from taking in too much air while they eat, (isn't that every baby?) get these bottles. Now I highly recommend them and I wish I'd had them for Ty. Charlie didn't need them--she was so easy and calm all the time. About the milk: I'm still nursing or pumping but I'm having issues. What does one do when one is feeding every 3-4 hours during the day and then the baby doesn't eat from 10-6? I can't believe I'm typing that those are the hours she's going (!!!!!!) but it's kind of an actual problem because there is so much milk in the morning that she can't even eat. Engorged much? Yes much. Men, if you're there, I do apologize for where the conversation is headed. Move on to the end of the post for something manly/vaguely exciting to you.
Ty loves to swim. It's his first question every day..."Ty go to the pool?" And adding his new favorite thing: "Ty go to the pool right now!" He says "right now," all the time. I'm pretty sure it's because I say, "Ty, stop throwing a fit right now or..." fill in the blank. "Ty, stop whining right now or..." Funny how they repeat some things we wish they wouldn't! It's hilarious though, how he uses it.
Do you remember the pictures of Ty in the wheat field? Same field a few months later. Not quite so pretty anymore. I'm glad Sean took the pictures when he did!
Popeye and Joy hanging out. She looks pretty chunky in this picture, doesn't she? She's getting bigger by the minute and I'm loving it. And now we bring you to the not so pretty part of the weekend.
See this? It's supposed to be under my house. Instead, it's beside my house.
And this? This is the hole where it came from.
Yes yes I know you're jealous. Not everyone can have something like this in their backyard.
See how pretty all that hot water is dripping into the big massive hole? The guys came today to start digging and tomorrow the big guns are coming to find the actual leak. Thank God it is near the exterior wall and not in the dead center of the house. I have no idea how long we'll have the hot water turned off but I'm guessing that problem gets a whole lot worse the closer to the center you get. So far so good as far as leaving the floors intact...I'll keep you posted.



Michelle said...

Woo Hoo! I know how awesome a full night sleep is. About engorgement...I am with you. I have 600 bags of 4 oz. bags in my deep freezer. I know that is a problem several moms kill for! I used to feed until the letdown, take off during the spray, and then feed again when things have calmed down a bit! I am sure you are a pro with baby 3...

So sorry about the hole. That is crazy, but doesn't sleep just make it seem like no big deal?

Emmy said...

Mary, the picture of Charlie & Ty in the wagon near the "wheat" is beautiful. I guess you took it with the phone, but it is good enough to be displayed alongside Ty's wheat portrait.

Matt, Joy and Ryder said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!! That is awesome, Mary! She isn't even 3-months old yet...just remember when you feel like you are having one of those crazy days, you are obviously doing things right!

Yuck about the leak, hopefully they will fix it they work in the rain?!

Lisa said...

Yuk, yuk, about the hole!!! I really hope it gets fixed soon.

About the engorgement...I am sure this is wrong but I would still get up in the middle of the night to pump after about 5-6 hrs...juist for releif but then you have the problem of supply and demand. I am sure you are doing the right thing

Anonymous said...

Sounds like 'leaking fluid' is the challenge of the week at the Wilborn house! (sorry, couldn't resist). I wish I had some advice to offer on the engorgement- but I've never been in that boat! I'm clueless.

Gold stars for Joy!...and for Momma and Daddy-the parenting pros! (or at least parents who can produce results that make them look like pros!)

Great job! Are you seeing the light yet?!

Mama Em said...

Yea for baby Joy!!!!!! That is awesome! I have nothing clever to say...sorry. :(

Carley said...

I'm so excited that Joy's sleeping so well! Cody has slept 6 hours the last 2 nights...if only I went to sleep when he did and could get that much sleep. Oh well. :) I'm sorry about the whole. Cody and I want to come see you Wednesday or Thursday.

No help on the breast feeding dilema....unfortunately i never had that problem. :)

Carley said...

Duh, that should say "sorry about the hole" whole. :)