Friday, July 17, 2009

My version of a vacation

The plumbers came yesterday to share the joy of slab work with us. When they got to our house we had hot water and leaky bricks. When they left we had a hole in the side of the house, no hot water, and a plan to dig trenches on Monday. In true form, I packed up the kids and (reluctantly) Max too and headed to Waxahachie.

I mean it's bad enough facing life without instant hot water but add three hot water-dependent children and you have a recipe for disaster. And many tears. To be fair the guys added a valve so I could turn the hot water on and off for each use. Two problems with this: valve is in the garage and no one trusts me to remember to turn it off. Which makes the leak worse by the minute. I'm sure you agree it's better for the health and well-being of all involved to add to Nattie's hot water consumption until Monday. Sean is flying this weekend so we'll get home just in time for him to unload my car :) love him. A lot. Pray for him as he anticipates many headaches and pain facing what is about to happen to our house. Thankfully they think it's mainly an exterior leak so maybe we don't have to pull up the wood floors. When I say "we," you know I mean I will be inside the house offering drinks and Popsicles to the people actually doing the work.

We have big plans to walk up and down the driveway today and maybe squeeze in a trip to Sonic/Target. Big times. I'm most excited about taking the kids to church on Sunday to the church where I grew up and where mom and dad still go. It's filled with the most fun, gracious, interesting people that I can't wait to catch up with. So many of them prayed for Joy (and all of my family!) so it's a joy to let them love on the kids.

I'll try to take know how that goes.

Please pray for Pops (Sean's dad,) today. He has back surgery this morning and we hope the pain he has been in is coming to an end!

I'll be back up and running after the house mess is fixed. Until then, say hello to my girl of ten weeks who is thisclose to sleeping all night. I hope.

Have a great weekend!


Matt, Joy and Ryder said...

You're so funny! Reminds me of going to my parents house...long driveway in the middle of nowhere, Sonic and Dairy Queen equal fine dining and you'll always see somebody you know at Wal-Mart! Y'all have a fun weekend away!

Michelle said...

Just got back from a minivacay in Hatch! Gotta love going home, and aren't we so blessed to have such great parents to help!! Sorry to hear about the mess that is about to happen at your house. Enjoy your time away.

Anonymous said...

You have such a great attitude about the whole leak thing- I'd be well, not as good about it. ;-) The small town life definitely has it's benefits (Joy and I are from the same town)... too bad my parents aren't still there! I'd love to have a small-town, slow paced place to go hang out now and then. And yum.... Dairy Queen.

And way to go Joy! You can do it baby girl! Sleep sleep sleep!

Carley said...

I can't believe that's happening at your house. Crazy! I'm glad you are able to get to your moms easily and settle in there. I can't imagine the mess at your house if they have to tear up the floors. What a pain! you are always welcome here. Can't wait to catch up and see you next week!