Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Really? I mean really?

Just a quick update: I survived my first day of all three kids by myself. I know I'll be judged for admitting it took me ten weeks to try it but y'all, I needed that long! Anyway, the head honcho came out this morning and found the leak. Guess what. It's nowhere near the hole that has swallowed my backyard.

Really? I mean really?

I just have to say really quick that America's Got Talent is on right now and Emmy just said, "I'd just cry if Simon said that to me." It broke my heart a little bit to tell her that wasn't Simon. She doesn't watch as much late night (to me 8:00 p.m. is late,) TV as we do. She's never seen American Idol OR America's Got Talent.

Really? I mean really?


The hole that those poor souls dug yesterday is a worthless hole that will cost us no telling what to fix and it'll cost the head honcho even more since those same poor souls have to come back tomorrow and fill it back in. Head honcho and his A team found the leak, capped it and turned our hot water back on! Can you feel me smiling?

Maybe it'll take a week for the actual plumbing repairs but I don't care...we have hot water, the kids are all asleep, and I just finished a strawberry Crystal Light slurpee from 7-11 without interruption.

NOW can you feel me smiling?

Night night.


Matt, Joy and Ryder said...


Mama Em said...

7-11 has Crystal Light slurpees????? What the what?

Anonymous said...

I discovered Stawberry Crystal Light yesterday... in slurpee form? Genius. Glad to hear the plumbing problem is no longer a mystery... sorry for the added headache!

Michelle said...

Way to go Super MOM!!

Carley said...

Those are my favorite slurpees too!! Can't get enough...

Glad you had Emmy to keep you company last night.

I thought of you when I went to bed at 7! I NEVER do that...especially when Jasons home but i was soooo tired and didn't feel well.