Monday, July 13, 2009

Mondays are supposed to be busy right?

Today was non-stop. I took Joy to the doctor this morning for her 8 week (even though she's 9+) appt. She was a champ-very tough and a good girl for Dr. F. I probably should have taken her picture now that I think about it. Oops. She's asleep for the first time since 1:30 this afternoon so I'm not gonna wake her to do that.

You're welcome.

We got great news about little miss. Her head is now perfectly round! Laying her on her other side worked to straighten things out so I'm relieved that we can take the helmet out of the scenario.

She is huge. It's kind of a pattern around here...babies are born big, grow bigger very fast, and before you know it they are wearing each other's clothes. I tell you what-Ty can nearly wear my clothes. Well for sure my shoes.

Joy weighs just shy of 13 pounds, is 24 inches long and has a big head. She weighs enough to increase her Prevacid dosage and obviously no one is worried about her because of her growth. I had questions for the doctor because now that the reflux is under control we've noticed she is extremely gassy and in pain because of it. I've given up anything remotely questionable since I'm nursing (mainly pumping and giving her bottles) and it hasn't helped. I was hoping she would outgrow it but she hasn't yet. My Dr. suggested switching to Dr. Browns bottles and sticking it out. She said four months is the magic age for colicky/reflux babies and you know what: It totally was for Ty.

We remember getting ready for his baby dedication at church the January after he was born (Sept.) and telling him he had to straighten up or God would have words with him and y'all, he was like a different baby after that. I know it wasn't the theologically way-off-base threat but it was perfect timing!

Sitting here even now that doesn't sound like it's that far away but today when she said it I was thinking, "Now what in the sam hill am I going to do to make it until then?"


I got home around noon just as Sean was bringing the big kids in the door from their outing. They "helped" him get his new glasses adjusted. I've got to post a picture of him in his new glasses--so cute! They also went to Costco and the mall to play and to eat lunch. A plumber met us at the front door right as I put Ty to bed because Sean said he kept hearing water in the walls in his office and thought he'd have somebody check it out.

Long story short we have a slab leak. That's just never good. On Thursday they come to find it and then figure out what all has to happen after that. It depends on where the pipe is cracked/broken so at the very least our floors will be ripped up in the office and the bathroom beside it. It could be more than that if we didn't catch the leak early. Good Lord. I didn't even know stuff like this could happen! Road trip to Waxahachie in the near future. Can you imagine the digging/drilling/jackhammering, etc. Is that a word? Yeah probably not.

In the middle of Sean telling me the details about all of this stuff, (which was not unlike Charlie Brown listening to his teacher..."Mwaw mwawh") I realized I had to leave with Charlie for her check-up with her lung doctor. Michelle, you can relate to this. We always plan on two hours at least at this office. It is like the slowest moving group of medical people I've ever seen. They just have a great time at work I guess. The doctor is a fantastic doctor he's just not in a hurry. Sure enough, her appointment was at 4:30 and we walked out the door at 6:20.

Emmy came up at around 4 to take Ty swimming, which worked out perfectly since Sean would have had a time tending to him and Joy during her post-shots meltdown as well as the kitchen sink leak. Oh yeah, we also had a kitchen sink leak. When the plumber was here today he managed to make something come loose under there so tonight when we discovered it Sean fixed it. I wonder what would have happened today if he'd been gone to work!

I'm hitting the hay now just in case it's a long night with Joy. Here's hoping something in those shots makes her sleep like 10 hours.

I'm not holding my breath either.


Michelle said...

Oh goodness. Sounds like such a crazy day! We have some big girls. Kate was 14 pounds at 8 weeks. Just more to love...

We have Brody's pulminology appointment at the end of this month. I was just telling someone yesterday about how awesome his waiting room was which is a great thing since you are there FOREVER! Did everything turn out ok? We are down to one breathing treatment a day! Woo Hoo!

Hope Joy is sleeping well for you. We go for Kate's 4 month check-up tomorrow, and I think I jumped the gun on the Prevacid removal. That may be the key to why she screams all afternoon!!!

Anonymous said...

oh, no...leaky water is the WORST. Our house has actually flooded twice in the 3.5 years we've been in it. Once on the day we took ownership of it and the second (a much worse one) about a week before I found out I was prego with Trevor. The good part is that we got all new floors as a result... now we're left overly paranoid about all-things water!

And three cheers for big baby girls! I don't remember how big Tatum was at 8 weeks... but I know she is now 6 months and is about to bust out of her size 12mos clothes!

Matt, Joy and Ryder said...

When it rains it pours, right??!! That leak thing sounds no fun at all...I'd die if they had to rip my floors up...unless it is the carpet I am wishing everyday I could get rid of! I'm glad Joy's head is all super round now! We did that with Ryder, too! Slept him on one side one night and the other side the other night. Totally works, the Dr. always told me he had a perfect head!

I thought about you today as I was chasing Ryder around my OB's office...I thought to myself, how in the heck does Mary wrangle 3 of them...I can't even control my one! Dr. Z probably thinks I am a nut for doing this again!