Sunday, July 12, 2009

Step right up step right up

and guess how much...we'll call it stuff...can fit into this purse.
I know, I know. Amazing isn't it. I amaze myself even.

I want you to notice two things: First, a large order of fries came out of the purse where it (just the box I promise,) had been living for at least two days. And second: my all-time favorite lip gloss that you all need to go get. It's Smashbox lip gloss and the color is called 35 mm. If you have to buy the full-sized tube it is expensive but if you find the little ones, (like the one in the picture,) it's no more than a tube of Cover Girl or Revlon. It's the prettiest color! I got it at Sephora.

The purse is my favorite of all time. I admired it in Fossil stores for months before I could afford it, (once it arrived at the outlet,) and have carried it almost every day since. It is HUGE. Obviously.

So if you answered "an awful lot," to the question, you were right. I'm quite the bag lady :)


Mama Em said...

I love the suitcase, I mean purse. I am greatly relieved that the box was empty and that your purse is not lined with salt. :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! You have all the tricks of the trade in your fantastic bag! (I'm resisting the urge to make any Mary Poppins comments). And thanks for the tip on the lip gloss...I've been looking for a good one!