Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

From left to right is Luke, Sam, Kate, (with my sis-in-law Leslie holding her up,) Will, Charlie, (me holding her up, but not doing a good job AT ALL of hiding,) Joy, Caroline, Ty, and Cole. Sam, Kate and Will are Leslie's kids and Luke, Caroline and Cole are Amy's. Sean's other sister Stephanie lives too far away for us to celebrate Halloween every year but her kids are the oldest cousins. Leslie, (squatting, doing a good job of hiding,) is pregnant with #4 God love her.
Will the shark

Man that's cute. My Boots. We inherited this costume from Will.
Amy the doctor feeding Joy
Aunt Emmy and Dora

Another group shot. I have no idea why the shark is holding a gun
Trying to get Ty to give Joy a can tell how much they look alike here I think...same profile.
and trying to give Charlie a kiss. That's as close as he got. Jenna, a family friend/babysitter was trying to hold Charlie back and true to form Charlie was trying to get to me to whine I mean stand by me.
Joy trying Jenna's cool shades on. Jenna was an 80's rocker chic. She wore hot pink leggings. It was a night to remember.
Here they are in action. Ty LOVED it. Love is not even a strong enough word. He keeps asking for Halloween. Like, "Good morning honey." "Hi Mommy. Go Halloween? Go trick or treating?" Poor kid.

We had Emmy's help this year and that was a huge weight lifted since this was Ty's first year to "get it," and Charlie wants to go everywhere he goes and we knew she doesn't have the endurance to keep up. We brought the wagon with us and Emmy pulled her around the neighborhood for us so I had Joy strapped to me in a carrier, Emmy pulled Charlie, and Sean led Ty around. They had a great time and so did we!


Anonymous said...

The shark holding the gun is hilarious. Double trouble shark.

And just in case you are wondering... I found you when I searched Nutrisystem on the blog search. I'm on day 5 and could eat both the shark and the gun.

Julie said...

it is so fun to watch our kids "get it"! this was Jillian's first year to go stark very crazy over the fall festival and trick or treating! we were just out on a walk and she was pointing out every house she visited to get candy!

Katie said...

These kids are precious!

Thank you for your sweet prayers. Blessings to you today. Katie

Sarah Sharp said...

Your trio is so cute! I LOVE the picture of Joy. Perfect. I also cracked up at the shark holding the gun, but not till you pointed it out. I noticed it in the first group shot but didn't really think anything odd about it!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Isn't Halloween fun??!!! The kids are so much fun to watch and your's are just stinkin' adorable!!!

Glad you guys got your Swine Flu shots...I'm not worrying about Ryder since he caught it before the shots got to we'll just keep our fingers crossed that Matt, Rustin or I don't get it!

You guys are in our prayers as Joy's surgery draws near.