Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm like a sale magnet

Went to Target today to buy ziploc baggies and while I did actually remember them (rare) I also found this

For this much

This, for Charlie, it's a dress...

For this

That says $2.25 if you can't see very well.

And this--trust me it's really cute with a wide brown belt and boots

The girl in their Fall ads had it on...anyway...for this

I'd say I succeeded, don't you think? It's crazy how much of a rush I get out of Target these days. And TJ Maxx, where I found my mom a Christmas gift that I can't talk about here because she reads my blog. I'll tell/show you after Christmas.

So, you ask, what were the kids doing while I played at Target? Well, here's a picture for you.

We have gotten hours of entertainment out of Charlie's new baby stroller. Some of us more than others.


Carley said...

Love the shirt for Ty! I saw that at Target and totally thought it would be perfect for him. Cute stuff for you and charlie too! I need to bring over Charlie's birthday gift! :)

Sarah Sharp said...

Good job! I LOVE Target! I can always find a cute shirt for Will there. And one for me. And something cute for the house... and I would probably forget the ziplocs, too.

Your new blog design looks great!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Hilarious!! Ryder loves it, too...I bought one for my niece & you've seen how he loves to push it...little brother in it or not!