Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Because I have no female roommates over the age of 2

I need your help. I'm going to a wedding this weekend and since Sean's response to, "Which one do you like?" is often, "I like all of them...which one is YOUR favorite?" followed by, "You should wear whichever one is most comfortable..." you can see why I need help. I thought I'd enlist a few, (as many of you who will give me the time of day!) friends to help me choose. It'll be like we're all college roommates helping each other get dressed for a formal. I didn't go to many of those since I wasn't in a sorority mind you. My dress-up days were few. But if you know me at all you know I love dressing up...hence my putting multiple dresses on and taking pictures of myself as some Tuesday night fun.

Are you ready? Here goes. Sorry the pictures are so dark. I don't have time to edit them this morning!

Dress #1-love this dress but it's dark gray. I like cheery dresses for weddings but the neck of this one is pretty cheery so it's a contender.

To even the playing field I intentionally left my hair in my post-shower 'do. read: I forgot I still had the towel on but it's actually helpful to you so that hair isn't part of the decision. Good Lord we'd need a separate post for that! I'd wear either black or silver strappy heels with this one.

Dress#2. Love the bright color but maybe too bright?

I'd wear gold strappy shoes with this one. Basically I'm wearing strappy shoes no matter which dress I wear. I don't get to do strappy often enough :)

Dress#3. I wore this last June to a wedding when Joy was about six weeks old. Mom took it in for me so that I can wear it in my not-immediate-postpartum state. I was still nursing and also weighed about 20 pounds more than I do now. She did a great job fixing it-I hated to get rid of it and now I don't have to.

Notice I have two pictures of each one. You're welcome.

Dress#4. My Easter dress that I really like but may not be the most flattering choice. At least that's what Emmy told me. I think she's right. I lied I only have one picture of this one.

The last one is not an option for the wedding but I had to show you since you're here and all. I got this a few days ago. Same bright color as the other one, (was it #2?) but way different.

The best part of this one:

BAM! After telling Sean how cheap it was over and over he said, "Clearly you're the most excited about that one Mary. You should wear it to the wedding."

First of all, I'd feel obligated to tell everyone I see how much I paid for it because it is such a huge bargain-shopper victory. A wedding may not be the best/most polite place to proclaim my victory.

Second, it has long sleeves. Does he know me at all? Unless I'm going somewhere where the thermostat is at a confirmed 60 degree hold, I'm not wearing long sleeves after March.

ME: "I sweat, honey. Potentially a lot since there may be a walk to the church or reception...or dancing or just movement in general. Worse, I might sweat, sit somewhere cool then sweat again and start to stink." HIM: "Man that's romantic. But you're totally right."

Marriage sure is glamorous.

So there are a few choices for you. Help a sister out please!!


Poefam said...

The black is my fave...but I think you need some fun, chunky bracelets or a fun hair something or a BIG ring to go with it! :) Can't go wrong at Forever 21! You look great!!!!!! Sadly, the next two weddings I"ll attend will have me 8 and 8 1/2 months preggo! UGH!

Mary said...

Thanks! I have a big yellow ring from Forever 21 to wear with it how funny is that?? Love that store's accessories! Thanks for your input :):)

Jenny, Jon & Lucas said...

You pretty much crack me up!! I love that you took pictures of yourself in them I pretty much try to avoid getting in front of a lens at all times!

I really like the first two. You are totally right about the neckline of the first dress. If you choose that one, I say go for the silver shoes and dress it up! I really think that I prefer the second one though. The color looks really pretty on you and well, to be honest, I'm in to chunky gold jewelry right the strappy gold shoes sold it for me!! :)

Whatever you wear, have fun and enjoy yourselves. I just love a great wedding!

Mary said...

Thanks Jenny :) you're too funny!

The Forrest Family said...

I'm with Jenny, I like the second one. :)

Meg said...

i vote #2 also!! loooove the color, and accesorize with gold. i also love #1--i own that dress too :), but i like the color of #2 for a wedding...

Heather said...

I like #2 too! AND, you can go to Charming Charlie to get all the fun accessories! lol. It's at Park and Preston, on the Southeast corner... now you have an excuse. You're welcome!

Miss Mommy said...

I think you look amazing in them all- seriously wishing I hadn't just eaten all those twizzlers....anyway- #1 and #3 are my faves...but #2 is also fab.

I totally agree about the sweat issue!

Lastly- you have gorgeous legs. Weird to say girl to girl, I know, but seriously!!!!!

Mary said...

Thanks for the input y'all! Seriously we should all take turns trying stuff on for each other to see and give opinions. I'm starting to lean toward one of them but not for sure so keep it coming!

Sarah Sharp said...

Definitely #1!!! Love the colors of the second and last ones but the black is the best. And as soon as I saw the sleeves on the last I thought you were joking, because you live in Texas. Since I live in Mississippi, I know what kind of heat you're dealing with. I thought "she'd burn up in that!". You'll have to punch up the balck with some fun accessories. There is an awesome store called Charming Charlies in Ridgeland and they have tons of accessories all done by color! It is fabulous!

Nash Family said...

I like #1 and #3, both are super cute.

Carley said...

I love the fact that you took all those with a towel on your head. :) They are all great...I remember that one dress from last summer and thats awesome that your mom fixed it so you can still wear it. No matter what you wear you will look great. I have been to charming charlies and it's great! Hope you went to bed early need a good nights sleep.

Love Being a Nonny said...

Love the first dress! I say *subtle* is better at a never want to outshine the bride!

Sarah's Slate said...

Haha you're too cute, Mary. I like the first two outfits. And you can pretend we are roommates as you walk out the door when I come watch the kids and you spin around in a circle and say, "How do I look?" lol or "Do these earrings work better than these?" haha Can't wait to see you and the kids in a couple days!!!

Julie said...

This cracks me up! You look HOT in all of them! I have to say the orange one was my fav :)

julie mac :)

Mary said...

Ah ladies. Pleasure doing business with all of you ;) thanks so much for helping!